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Dr. JP Ogalo
Photo credits: Dr. Charles Lelei

Art done well evokes an emotion. Plastic Surgery in Africa evokes confusion. In my short career practicing the craft I’ve found that there’s always a story that never gets told, a never-ending story that starts in confusion, and is heavily punctuated by emotion, because the scars, past and present though sometimes subtle, linger.

Consultations have never been a transactional experience for me. Yes, you paid and i’m at your service, but what we get from each other is far more than either of us expected. The conversation is always a meeting of two different cultures, traditions and belief systems, and…

Courtesy of Canva

The sick are entitled to sanctioned deviance. The way I understood this, was that the sick are allowed to do and feel what they want, like Americans, last born children and creatives. This was my coarse interpretation of what Talcott Parsons theorized in 1951 as the ‘sick role’. Stay with me here, you’ll like how this paragraph ends. Your employer might not. The ‘sick role’ defines 2 rights and 2 obligations for anyone who is sick. They are obligated to do everything within their control to get well and secondly , to seek technically competent help. They have the right…

Grim Reaper courtesy of Canva

A few weeks ago, on a very hot Tuesday, just around lunchtime I decided to call up my friend Michelle to check-in, reason being, she’d lost her grandmother a few days prior and was deep in the frenzy of organizing the burial. It was one of the most uncomfortable phone conversations I’ve ever had, for two reasons. See, I was in traffic, and I drive one of those old cars where literally everything in it gets hot past 11am, and the most I get out of my AC is a dry cough.

The second reason was, Michelle was finally able…

Image Courtesy of Canva

I got a call from Allan. A year ago it’d take him three jokes, three insults and an three variations of “bro!” to make his point, but these days he gets right to it. You see, he’s a father now, no beating around the bush, his focus in life and mobile telephony is razor sharp. Every beating moment is one, he’d rather dedicate to his boy, “DADing different” is what they’re calling it. Allan is a surgeon now as well, so he appreciates my appreciation for directness.

He told me he had a church friend who’d been all over Nairobi…

Dr. JP Ogalo

Kenyan Plastic Surgeon sharing his satirical musings on the subtle art of Plastic Surgery in Africa. Original thoughts, real situations, fictional characters.

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